Core Skills in Befriending for Volunteers Online Training

'Core Skills' is a great way to provide volunteers with foundational knowledge about Befriending to complement your organisation's induction training.

The course consists of 10 Modules:

-Module 1 - What is Befriending?
-Module 2 - Values and Attitudes in Befriending
-Module 3 - Communication Skills
-Module 4 - Building Befriending Relationships
-Module 5 - The Matching Process
-Module 6 - Boundaries and Confidentiality
-Module 7 - Support and Supervision
-Module 8 - Roles and Responsibilities within Befriending
-Module 9 - Managing Endings
-Module 10 - Befrienders as Community Connectors

We provide the online learning resources and you, as a coordinator, have access to all course materials and work submitted by your volunteers so you can track their progress and provide them with feedback.

Some coordinators choose to have volunteers complete the whole course, while others invite them to complete selected modules. If you would like your volunteers to receive a Certificate, please inform Befriending Networks once you have marked their work for the whole 10-module course