Core Skills in Befriending for Volunteers

"I found this course a helpful tool to learn more about what befriending means and to reflect on the different elements of the befriending role...I now feel better equipped to take on another befriending responsibility."

—Volunteer with Wycombe Refugee Trust

“The Volunteer Online Training is really handy. It enables training to be delivered to possible volunteers in small numbers, at a time when we are unable to recruit a larger group.”

—Coordinator with Integr8 West Lothian

About the Course

Core Skills in Befriending for Volunteers is an online training course that provides befrienders with fundamental knowledge and should be used alongside organisation-specific volunteer training. The course is made up of 10 modules:

  • Module 1 - What is Befriending?
  • Module 2 - Values and Attitudes in Befriending
  • Module 3 - Communication Skills
  • Module 4 - Building Befriending Relationships
  • Module 5 - The Matching Process
  • Module 6 - Boundaries and Confidentiality
  • Module 7 - Support and Supervision
  • Module 8 - Roles and Responsibilities within Befriending
  • Module 9 - Managing Endings
  • Module 10 - Befrienders as Community Connectors

A detailed outline of course content can be downloaded here.

How it works

We provide the information, you provide the support. Befriending Networks give volunteers access to the learning platform and its contents and coordinators/volunteer managers are responsible for tracking their volunteers' progress through the course and giving them feedback online or in a contact session.

Guidance for coordinators to access and use the online learning platform be downloaded here.

Some coordinators choose to have volunteers complete specific modules, while others require volunteers to complete all 10 to receive a certificate from Befriending Networks.


Core Skills in Befriending for Volunteers is only available Befriending Networks members and is a free resource. Each month, 10 member organisations may register places for up to 5 volunteers.

Access more Free Content Today

The information presented in Core Skills has now been compiled into 'Being a Befriender: The Good Practice Guide'. 'Being a Befriender' is a source of information for new volunteer befrienders and can act as a reference tool for coordinators & volunteer managers. It provides the key messages without the need for volunteers to interact with the the online course. It does not contain the activities that the Core Skill course does, but can provide points for discussion during training or supervision. Members may download their free copy today.


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Core Skills in Befriending for Volunteers Online Training

Registration from 1Jan-31Jan; Course Runs 3 Feb 2020- 6 Apr 2020

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