New Interim Volunteer Toolkit

In response to the changing needs of befriending organisations at this time, Befriending Networks has developed a new Interim Volunteer Training Toolkit to give organisations the tools to support current volunteers to provide telephone/distance befriending and/or train new volunteers coming forward during the pandemic.
The Toolkit will remain free to sign up for until end of October. Soon after, Befriending Networks looks forward to launching it's new Online Volunteer Training, which will be free to its membership exclusively. You can find out more on this process here


Interim Volunteer Training Toolkit

This resource is free to all, members and non-members, and is to support Interim volunteering during the pandemic.

What does the training toolkit involve?

  • 6 Videos (40 minutes total) that provide essential information about distance befriending
  • 21 Reflective Questions based on the video content
  • 1 Webinar/phone call led by your organisation

Who is the training for?

This toolkit is designed for Volunteer Coordinators and Training Officers who need to train new volunteers, from a distance, for distance befriending. 

By registering to use these training videos and resources, Befriending Networks expects your organisation to follow an appropriate recruitment process and to follow up with any participants to ensure they have understood and processed the learning as well as discuss the reflective questions presented in each video. This follow up could be done individually or as a group to allow the opportunity for peer-support.

We will contact all organisations at a later date for data on your use of this resource so please ensure to monitor how many volunteers from your organisation you have trained use this toolkit.

Volunteers may not sign up individually. If you are a volunteer, please tell your coordinator about this training and ask them to consider taking part. 

Interested in taking part?

As a Volunteer Coordinator/Training Officer representing an organisation...

  1. Click Book Now below
  2. Add One space to the basket and proceed to checkout
  3. Please only provide your name/email/organisation. Do not provide any volunteers individual details. 
  4. Click Confirm Booking
  5. In your confirmation email you will receive the link to all the videos as well as your facilitator guide and a copy of the reflective questions for running your session with your volunteers. You can then: watch the videos to familiarise yourself with the materials, circulate the video links to your volunteers, discuss the questions with them after to confirm understanding.


Contact: Victoria, Learning and Development Officer,