FULLY BOOKED National Conference 2021: Day Two - Our Day of Networking



This year we are splitting our national conference over three virtual events. Each year we receive such varied feedback: some requesting more networking, some for academics and some for workshops. We have taken all these requests on board and have decided that this year we would tailor a day to each individual request. We are also creating padlet boards for each day so that you can interact, share resources, contact details and more before, during and after the conference. Details of DAY TWO: OUR DAY OF NETWORKING, as they currently stand, are below:

day two


Who is this for?

This event is exclusive to members of Befriending Networks only who are looking to learn from one-another directly, network with projects and join the annual Befriending Week celebrations with us.   


Why were these items chosen?

We are aware that there has been disappointment in the past when we have given the opportunity of selection, as often your first choice is fully booked by the time you choose. This year we are resolving this: you will pick on the day by selecting your breakout room of choice. 

At 9:50am, and again at 11:05am, you will have the opportunity to pick a break out room. There are 5 rooms available, each with a presentation from a befriending project sharing their experience and learnings on a specific theme. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss. We have purposely picked organisations who we think can be beneficial to the majority of attendees with their insight. Click HERE to see what sessions are available. 

At 11:35am you will also be given the opportunity to pick a Q+A Session to network with your peers and a member of staff from Befriending Networks. These four themes are:

  1. Supporting and retaining volunteers 
  2. Our well-being: Being honest about our capacity
  3. The challenges of evidencing our impact
  4. Building confidence and encouraging independence in others post-Covid


What is the price?

This is a free event and exclusive to members of Befriending Networks. Please note that to ensure as many befriending projects can attend as possible, only one participant from each organisation can attend. If we receive bookings for more that one participant from your befriending project, we will cancel spaces.