Complementary Skills

Complementary Skills Training on topical subjects are offered online and face-to-face multiple times each year.

Through feedback from our membership, it has become evident that Mental Health Awareness is an important topic that affects many befriending services and needs more in-depth discussion and advice.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Online Training begins 20 March and concludes with a Webinar on 28 March


Both Face-to-Face & Online Mental Health Awareness Training is designed to provide participants with a knowledge of mental health issues and strategies to better support staff, volunteers and service users. During the training the following learning outcomes would be achieved

  • Identify our own attitudes toward mental health and mental illness
  • Differentiate between mental illnesses
  • Analyse factors that can positively effect mental health as well as factors that can have a negative impact
  • Explain three factors (assessment, diagnosis, diagnostic) of accessing mental health support
  • Assess societal views and stereotypes
  • Identify Government strategies that aim to improve mental health in the UK and recognise how befriending can relate to them
  • Evaluate the importance of resilience and identify the ways befriending relationships can encourage this
  • Reflect on your own awareness of mental health
  • Formulate support available for staff and service users


£40 per member attendee.
£45 per non-member attendee.


Call Befriending Networks 0131 261 8799 and ask for Victoria Galloway, Learning and Development Officer or email


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ONLINE Mental Health Awareness Training 20/03/19 - 28/03/19

Online access from 20 March; Webinar on 28 March (times TBC)