Social Impact: How to Measure

What is social impact and how do we measure it? Join our brand new course to learn more about evidencing the impact of your befriending project.

Purpose of course: 

This 3hour workshop will review the latest research in social impact, developments in social finance, and the challenges we face while measuring and evidencing the impact of befriending projects on the community. There will be the opportunity to learn key theory and measurement frameworks as well as learn from others and share experiences. All attendees will receive a measurement toolkit as well as a copy of any slides used. Please note that this event is suitable for befriending staff/trustees but is not appropriate for volunteer befrienders. 

Duration and time: 

Please make sure you are available on Thursday 8th July for the online workshop running 10am - 1pm as advertised. Want to attend but busy that day? This training event will run again in the future and you will have another opportunity to participate then. 


If you are a member of Befriending Networks please make sure to log in first before booking or you will be charged full price. 




* Please note: we understand that circumstances may require a change of training dates. We allow you to defer once when we are given notice of at least 48hours, after that it is seen as a non-refundable cancellation. Please do check your diary before committing to any dates.