Mental Health Awareness in Befriending

Purpose of course:

This is open to both staff and volunteers to attend. This is designed to support the development of knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and how they can affect befriending as well as how befriending can support those struggling. Course content and learning outcomes include:

  • Identify our own attitudes towards, and our awareness, of mental health and mental illness
  • Analyse factors that can positively and negatively impact mental health
  • Investigate the role of the Government to improve citizens mental wellbeing, access to resources and support 
  • Evaluate the importance of resilience and identify the ways befriending relationships can encourage this
  • Formulate support available for staff and service users in your befriending project

Assessment of Learning:

This course is centred around written assessment and a webinar. Written work must be completed and uploaded 24hours prior to the webinar for marking. Certificate of completion will be issued if work is submitted to deadline and webinar participation is achieved.

Duration and Time Commitment:

On average, this course requires 8hours of independent study. This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule but all work must be submitted at least 24hours prior to the webinar for marking. The webinar is on Friday 18th June 11am - 12:30pm. Attendance of the webinar is mandatory for completing the course. Please review the dates and your availability prior to booking.


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* Please note: we understand that circumstances may require a change of training dates. We allow you to defer once when we are given notice of at least 48hours, after that it is seen as a non-refundable cancellation. Please do check your diary before committing to any dates.