FULLY BOOKED: Management and Leadership in Befriending Projects

Purpose of course:

This course is designed for staff within befriending projects. It provides support and the opportunity to grow in knowledge and skills for continued professional development. Management and Leadership is suitable for anyone looking to increase their responsibilities within a befriending project or to take on a new progressive role.

Throughout the duration of this course, you will receive 1:1 support from a member of Befriending Networks staff who will coach you through the reading and support you to apply the theory into your workplace setting and to implement both personal and professional goals into your befriending project.

Content includes: Handling conflict; inducting staff; time-management; delegation; communication skills; and many more.


Assessment of Learning:

This course contains a number of assessments, due dates are broken down across the duration of the course to be accessible around work schedules. All students will receive 1:1 support through written feedback on assessments as well as any emails where appropriate. On average, there is a piece of work to be completed and submitted online every week of the course. There are also three sessions to attend online.

Webinar 1: Day One, a 1:1 with your trainer to address your specific needs  

Webinar 2: End of Week Two, with all participants to reflect on work to date, share learning and network

Webinar 3: Week Five, to reflect on progress, address further steps of development, share learning and network

Certificate of completion will be issued if work is submitted to deadline and webinar participation is achieved.


Duration and Time Commitment

The course schedule is designed to be flexible to accommodate your timing needs within the five weeks. Webinar times will be decided at the very beginning of the course with all participants. On average, this course requires 14hours of independent study as well as webinar attendance. Time and dates listed below: 

Webinar 1: Monday 5th April, time to be confirmed with participatns individually

Webinar 2: Friday 16th April 10am - 11:30am 

Webinar 3: Thursday 6th May 10am - 12noon 



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