ONLINE Mental Health Awareness Training 20/03/19 - 28/03/19

This training has been designed to provide participants the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, strategies, support available, and the techniques to implement so to better support staff/volunteers and/or service users.

We are very aware that many organisations are supporting those with mental health issues. Whether staff, volunteers or service users are struggling: this day's event is constructed to provide you with confidence in the support you provide. The learning objectives of this days event are:

- To identify our own attitudes towards mental health and mental illness

- To classify the importance of support and supervision

- To be able to differentiate between mental illnesses

- To analyse the factors that can have positive effects on your mental health as well as those factors that can affect you negatively

- To explain the three factors of accessing mental health support: assessment, diagnosis, treatment

- To assess societal views and stereotypes

- To demonstrate an understanding of social support

- To recognise Government strategies to improve mental health in the UK and to argue the role befriendining can play in this

- To evaluate the importance for resilience and to identify means in which a befriending relationship can encourage this

- To reflect on your awareness of mental health

- To formulate support available for staff and service users

We know how important it is that people feel confident in their knowledge of mental health as well as their ability to provide support to those with mental health. For this reason, this complementary skill training is running at a discounted rate.

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