Q&A Session: The Financial Risk of Isolation

Join Befriending Networks for a Q&A Session; a time to ask questions, get support and exchange ideas with other befriending services.


When someone is socially isolated or lonely, their physical, social and mental health can be negatively affected. This can lead to risky behaviour in many shapes and forms - one of which is gambling problematically. Gambling related harms can negatively affect finances, mental health and relationships, not just for the gambler but for the those around them.  As the leading UK provider of free information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling harms, we are delighted to have GamCare Scotland lead this discussion. They are a fantastic resource of information, treatment and support that you can signpost to.

Join us for this hour as we discuss the dangers of gambling and how to support those who are impacted by gambling harms. There can be a clear connection between isolation and gambling, and this topic will be explored. This session will be hosted on Zoom; your confirmation email will contain your link to join.