(Online) Monitoring & Evaluation: Learn to identify the steps you have taken and the impact of your project

Learn how to carefully measure and record what steps you have taken through the delivery of your befriending service and how to analyze this information to reach conclusions about the impact your service has had. By the end of the session participants will have:

• Defined what monitoring and evaluation are
• Looked at why befriending organisations monitor and evaluate and what the challenges are
• Looked at what we mean by outcomes and started to define them for our projects
• Identified the difference between outcomes and outputs
• Practiced attaching indicators to outcomes
• Learned how to set baselines
• Identified the different kinds of information that can be collected to evidence indicators and thus outcomes
• Familiarised themselves with the language of monitoring and evaluation
• Drawn up action plans for improving monitoring and evaluation within their service

Vital Skills is made up of one resource pack (which includes the theory, best practice and advice) and one activity pack where you are asked to put your knowledge to the test. Modules may also have quizzes. All work is accessible online and is marked online. This streamlined format is designed to support your busy schedules. The contact session takes place on Go To Meeting. During this webinar you can compare answers with other organisations, share best practice as well as get feedback on your work.

Both the course work and the webinar are mandatory for achieving the module.