Online: Management and Leadership for Befriending Projects

"This course has made me realise that I could do, and can do, managerial tasks. The overall training method used is very beneficial to me personally. Informative, tasks were very well thought out and very useful" - Glasgow's Golden Generation 


Welcome to Befriending Networks training Management & Leadership for Befriending Projects. Our training is designed to support staff who assist in the operation of a befriending project to review and develop their own management and leadership skills to take the steps necessary for professional development.

This course can be beneficial to a range of roles due to the range of learning outcomes. On completion of this course, participants will:

  • Recognise the difference between the terms Management and Leadership 
  • Demonstrate skills in conflict management 
  • Assess the important of monitoring and evaluation 
  • Expressed an understanding of delegation, planning and allocation 
  • Examine methods for integrating new staff and different working styles 
  • Assessmble strategies to manage stress in the workplace 
  • Compare techniques to motivate your team
  • Formulate effective performance management and methods for managing underperformance 

Please make sure you are available for all the dates and times involved before booking as all are mandatory for completing the course. 

Thursday 4th June, 11am - 12pm: This course begins with a 1hr webinar to introduce the course and learning outcomes, the work expected by each individual and how to access the materials. This will also give people an opportunity to network and meet others as well as ask any questions they may have directly to their tutor, Victoria.

Tuesday 16th June, 10:30am - 12noon: All students will join a webinar on the 16th June to review the reading they have completed and to discuss the different management and leadership theories and styles. All students will set themselves a goal to apply the management and leadership techniques to their current role over the next fortnight. 

Tuesday 30th June, 5pm: This is the deadline for submitting your assessment and reflection work. This work is to be submitted by the end of June to then be marked by Victoria. Feedback will be sent to you with the opportunity for Q+A. Once work is completed and marked to a satisfactory level, you will be issued a certificate of completion. 

If you have any questions about this course, please contact or call 0131 261 8799. Our online course runs for a fraction cheaper than face-to-face but if you would prefer to complete this course in person, please know that this is running in Edinburgh in April and is also available as a Bespoke package.