Online: Dementia and Befriending

Dementia and Befriending has been designed due to feedback and high demand from befriending organisations across the UK. As with all our new complementary training, we pilot the programme at a discounted rate for the first run. Similar to our Mental Health Awarness, Safeguarding and Bereavement: This complementary course is suitable for Volunteers, Staff and trustees. 

All activities during this training module are designed to support the information provided and discussed throughout the resources, to encourage thought and discussion on the topic as well as provide the opportunity for interaction, peer learning and assessment through our online webinar.

Dementia and Befriending: For Staff 

To provide continued professional development as well as a toolikit for sharing with colleagues or for training volunteers. The information, activities and resources can be applied to your role or be used to train others. Dementia and Befriending is desinged to be straight forward, pick up and use, toolkit to take away and use within your project. The information provided can help you develop knowledge and understanding of how your befriending project can support service users to maintain their quality of life after diagnosis while also ensuring your volunteers are receiving the right support and tools. 


Dementia and Befriending: For Volunteers

Throughout this online training module, you will read the resources and participate in the individual activities. These are designed to help you understand how your role in befriending can be key to supporting a service user maintain their quality of life after the diagnosis of dementia. This course can be beneficial to both volunteers of organisations that are dementia focussed as well as volunteer who is matched with someone who has recently been diagnosed.   


Please note, to complete this course you are required to complete the reading, the activities online, as well as the Online Webinar. Please ensure you are available to join this webinar on Friday 15th May 2020, 11am - 12:30pm. If this date does not suit, please book on to an alternative date of the course running.  

Attendees will recieve a copy of Good Practice in Befriending: Dementia which includes specific tips on running/ammending your service to cater for the needs of those with dementia

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact