(Edinburgh) Recruitment & Selection: Steps to getting and supporting the "right" volunteers

Recruitment and Selection: 

Recruiting and retaining the right volunteers is a constant challenge for befriending services. Making sure you have a clear message about what you do, and making sure that message reaches the right target audience is part of that challenge. But you also need to have streamlined systems in place which ensure that people coming forward to volunteer for you have a positive experience at all stages, and that the induction process leaves the organisation with a body of volunteers who are ready and able to carry out their befriending role to a high degree of excellence.

How to be successful at all of these levels of the recruitment process is the subject of this module.


Accessibility and Refreshments: 

This event is hosted at Befriending Networks office in Edinburgh. Refreshments will be provided but please do bring your own lunch. There are many shops and cafes available in the area and on Shandwick Place. Please note, we do not have lift access and our office is based on the second floor. We apologise for this inconvenience. 

Any questions, please contact Victoria@befriending.co.uk or call 0131 261 8799