FULLY BOOKED (Online) Project Development: Identify means to plan and develop your project without jeopardising your service

Your befriending service is up and running and everything is ticking along fine, you are feeling established in you role, so what’s next? How can you build positively on what you already have to provide an even better service? Or maybe things aren’t going so well and you need to change direction in order to deliver the support your service users require. What else could your service be doing, or how could you be doing things differently, to be more effective?

This module explores the core principles of strategic planning, step by step. By the end of the session participants will have:

• Identified what has to be in place before your project or service can develop new areas of work.
• Discussed why projects develop and where the areas of development might be.
• Looked at creating visions for new areas of work and how to turn these into reality.
• Had the opportunity to conduct a SWOT analysis.
• Gained an understanding of why and how to conduct a feasibility study.
• Looked at some of the current developments within befriending.

Vital Skills is made up of one resource pack (which includes the theory, best practice and advice) and one activity pack where you are asked to put your knowledge to the test. Modules may also have quizzes. All work is accessible online and is marked online. This streamlined format is designed to support your busy schedules. The webinar takes place on Go To Meeting. During this webinar you can compare answers with other organisations, share best practice as well as get feedback on your work.

Both the course work and the webinar are mandatory for achieving the module.