(Online) Managing Waiting Lists & Endings: Recognising the importance of a strong process throughout the befriending match pathway

This module provides you with the skills to monitor and analyse the successfulness of your waiting list and ending practice. Through discussion of best practice and different methods of management, this module should highlight any developments you could or should make to improve your service. By the end of the session participants will have:

• Discussed what the current situation in their service is, as regards their waiting list and how this makes them feel
• Looked at how to work with and keep in contact with people who are on the waiting list
• Explored strategies for managing waiting lists, including:Reducing the numbers of referrals their service takes on & creating more capacity to enable them to potentially work with more clients
• Bringing existing matches to an end so new ones can be created
• Looked at the number and types of relationships that your service can feasibly support
• Discussed in what circumstances your organisation would end a match or its involvement in it
• Explored good practice in ending matches
• Thought about why having a waiting list might be a good thing

Vital Skills is made up of one resource pack (which includes the theory, best practice and advice) and one activity pack where you are asked to put your knowledge to the test. Modules may also have quizzes. All work is accessible online and is marked online. This streamlined format is designed to support your busy schedules. The webinar takes place on Go To Meeting. During this webinar you can compare answers with other organisations, share best practice as well as get feedback on your work.

Both the course work and the webinar are mandatory for achieving the module.