(Online) Boundaries: Establishing the importance of professional boundaries throughout the project

"We have boundaries in every relationship that we have. More often than not, these are unspoken and unacknowledged even to ourselves. Often we are unaware of where our boundaries lie in any relationship until they are overstepped. Befriending relationships are unique in combining both personal and professional elements, so it could be confusing. All the more reason, then, that boundaries are established, acknowledged, spoken about and understood for the sake of our clients, our volunteers and our organisations" ~ Guide to Good Practice in Befriending

This module looks at establishing boundaries within the befriending relationship and service. By the end of the session participants will developed their knowledge and understanding by exploring the following learning outcomes:

  • Analyse why boundaries are important within befriending
  • Recognise the different levels of boundaries relevant within a befriending organisation
  • Identify common boundaries within befriending
  • Choose how to establish boundaries in your service
  • Predict why boundaries within befriending might be overstepped
  • Discuss how to respond if boundaries in your service are breached
  • Memorise some good practice guidelines in establishing and maintaining the appropriate boundaries for your service

Vital Skills is made up of one resource pack (which includes the theory, best practice and advice) and one activity pack where you are asked to put your knowledge to the test. Modules may also have quizzes. All work is accessible online and is marked online. This streamlined format is designed to support your busy schedules. The contact session takes place on Go To Meeting. During this video conference you can compare answers with other organisations, share best practice as well as get feedback on your work. 

Both the course work and the webinar are mandatory for achieving the module.