QiB lasts for three year. Six months before QiB expires, it's time to start thinking about Reaccreditation.

“We have many more referrals. Schools know us more and trust that our befriending service is a quality service. We also have more volunteer befrienders thanks to the new leaflet, the communication and our quality in befriending award. Schools understanding more the importance of befriending, as they see the benefits to the young people.”

—People Know How

About Reaccreditation

Reaccreditation involves providing evidence for a portion of the original QiB Award/Excellence indicators along with a site visit, at which time, pre-arranged interviews with staff, befrienders and befriendees will be conducted. 

The Reaccreditation Process

Reaccreditation Information & Forms to Download

Reaccreditation Process Flowchart

The Reaccreditation Process and Indicators

  1. First Reaccreditation
  2. Second Reaccreditation

Eligibility Form to complete and return to Peggy Beardmore, Administrator,

Information Leaflets for interview of Befriendees & Befrienders

  1. QiB Award Befriendee Leaflet / Befriender Leaflet
  2. QiB Excellence Befriendee Leaflet / Befriender Leaflet