Quality in Mentoring

About the Quality in Mentoring Award

Quality in Befriending, devised by Befriending Networks in consultation with member organisations and other experts in the field of befriending, was launched in 2010. It is designed to complement the other Befriending Networks resources, including Running a Befriending Service: The Good Practice Guide and the Vital Skills in Befriending training courses.

The Quality in Mentoring was recently launched in 2022 for England, Wales, and Ireland members. Very similar to the Quality in Befriending Award, Quality in Mentoring focuses on the mentoring relationship at two levels (Award and Excellence).


Benefits for services

  • Increase the confidence of potential referrers, Mentees and Mentors as well as funders, commissioners and other stakeholders.
  • Review and reflect upon all aspects of the services you manage.
  • Receive a ‘health check’ and suggestions on how you can continue to develop the quality of your service.
  • Achieve a certificate and gain use of the Quality in Mentoring logo.
  • A full year free membership of Befriending Networks 

What Quality in Mentoring Requires

The Quality in Mentoring assessment covers the following practice areas;

  • The service
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Staff Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Mentee Journey
  • Mentor Journey
  • Matching and Ending 

You are eligible if your service…

  • Works with vulnerable or isolated people.
  • Has Mentors who work in a primarily Mentoring role (i.e. not primarily as advocates, carers, advisors, personal assistants, shoppers, counsellors, DIY helpers, etc.).
  • Has completed at least one full cycle of work before registering (i.e. referrals and assessments, recruitment, training and matching of volunteer Mentors, providing support to both parties, reviewing matches and have considered how to manage endings if not yet experienced any).
  • Has funding in place to continue for at least the next 12 months or has submitted funding applications to enable this to happen.
  • Is a member of Befriending Networks and will remain so throughout the  3 year award period.

The Process


Documents to Download

  1. What is Quality in Mentoring
  2. Quality in Mentoring application guide and indicator list
  3. Quality in Mentoring Assessment and Outcome
  4. Quality in Mentoring Application Form


For more information about the Quality in Mentoring process, for help with your application or if your services don’t meet these criteria but would still like to work on developing the quality of delivery please contact Befriending Networks 0131 261 8799 and ask for Angus Maclean, Quality Officer or email: Angus@befriending.co.uk.