Quality in Befriending!

Your Quality Award application is now underway!

“It was a big piece of work, however, it does encourage good practice and is a great opportunity to review.  Funders are happy with this also as it was a great opportunity to refresh our systems."

—Befriending Caithness

Next Steps & the Assessment Process

For further details, download Quality Award Assessment and Outcomes

Going for Excellence

Services can choose to apply for Quality in Befriending Excellence as part of the initial application by submitting evidence against all of the Excellence indicators as well as the standard Quality Award indicators. 

Alternately, services may choose to focus on obtaining the Quality Award first and, afterwards, work toward Excellence. Services are given 3 months to complete an upgrade to Quality in Befriending Excellence as part of the same application (although upgraded applications will be given the same expiry date as the original award). 

Interested? Review the Quality Award Application Guide and Indicator List and then call Befriending Networks 0131 261 8799 and ask for Angus Maclean, Quality Officer or email Angus@befriending.co.uk.

Read more about After Achieving the Quality Award