After Achieving QiB

Your organisation has achieved the Quality Award – well done! Your Award is valid for three years. 

“Achieving the Quality in Befriending Award has allowed us to present a credible opportunity to interested volunteers. It ensures that we offer a gold standard service by safeguarding our team of volunteers and paid staff. All members of the Home Link Family Support team take pride in upholding the values of the accreditation.”

—Home Link Family Support

Once Quality in Befriending is achieved, you gain:

  • Quality Award (or Quality in Befriending Excellence) certificate (valid for 3 years from the date the initial assessment was completed)
  • Electronic version of the Quality Award logo to use on publicity materials
  • Comprehensive assessment report highlighting examples of particularly good practice, and suggestions of areas for possible development
  • Updated entry in the Quality Database on the Befriending Networks website and the Quality Award logo displayed with your service’s name in the online Befriending Directory

Annual monitoring

Each year, for the anniversary of your organisation's award, you will complete an annual monitoring form, which asks for updated information about the organisation. 

If things change in between, please get in touch...

  • If there are significant changes to your service. For example, if the befriendee:staff ratio increases dramatically or the if the nature of your service no longer aligns with the type of service assessed.
  • If you are launching an additional Befriending Service that you would also like to gain the Quality Award.

In these or other instances, call Befriending Networks 0131 261 8799 and ask for Angus Maclean, Quality Officer or email:

If you do not make Befriending Networks aware of such changes, but the Annual Monitoring form indicates the organisation may no longer be meeting the level of Quality Award which it was awarded, or if Befriending Networks is made aware of this from any other source, the organisation will be asked for clarification. Ultimately, Befriending Networks has the right to withdraw Quality Awards from individual services/organisations, or change the level of award they hold if significant changes have occurred which impact on service delivery as assessed for the original Award.

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