Visiting Friends - Helensburgh

Sat 2 Nov 2019

Among the match-ups supported by Visiting Friends are Sue Stewart and Barbara Claughan, who have been Visiting Friends for three years.

Barbara has mobility issues which she feels make her really isolated. Sue’s regular weekly visits give her something to look forward to.

Barbara said: “I can’t believe how much we have in common. Sue knows a lot of the same people, and I don’t think of her as my volunteer – she’s simply become a lovely, helpful friend.”

Sue, meanwhile, worked locally for many years and saw first-hand how loneliness can affect people. After she stopped working she joined Visiting Friends because she wanted to make a difference.

“All I’m doing is giving my time,” she said.  “I really enjoy Barbara’s company – she’s a great Archers fan too and we have such a laugh.

“I can even help her get out and about a bit more. All those little conversations with people she knows in the supermarket help keep her connected. I’d recommend volunteering with Visiting Friends to anyone.”