Update on 'A Connected Society': 1 Year Later

Mon 7 Oct 2019

The Loneliness Action Group, a network of over 50 organisations currently co-chaired by the British Red Cross and Co-op as part of their partnership to tackle lonelines, has published an independent report assessing progress made against the Loneliness Strategy so far. The group was first formed in 2017 to continue the legacy of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness.

The new 'A connected society?' report analyzes, "the first steps taken by government to tackle loneliness in England and sets out recommendations to achieve widespread, tangible change in the long term." (Red Cross website)

The report's introduction states that, "Across the entire Loneliness Strategy, we can see indications of good progress. While it is still early days, the overall picture is positive. Many pledges have already been delivered and most are on track. The loneliness agenda has been well received across government and is galvanising cross-departmental cooperation. This is a great achievement." (A Connected Society, page 7)

Click here for the report's key findings and the Loneliness Action Group's recommendations.

Click here to download the full report.