Thank You Volunteers Past, Present and Future

Thu 11 Jun 2020

Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June 2020 was dedicated to thanking volunteers past, present, and future. Families First – St Andrews was one among many of our members who celebrated, recognised and thanked volunteers, "Families First recognise all the hard work of our volunteers all year long, but even more so during Volunteer Week. Never have volunteers been more appreciated than they are now." Here's a spotlight on some of their volunteers' stories...

Past Volunteers: "One of our former volunteers, Jenna, got in touch recently from Utah where she is hoping to join an organisation called Second Nature. She's a yoga instructor and, along with the experience she gained working for Families First - St Andrews, she hopes to be able to support young people from different backgrounds to learn coping mechanisms, accountability and responsibility, through using wilderness therapy and yoga. Eventually Jenna wants to become involved in Social Work. She says Hi to Poppy, who she used to befriend."

Present Volunteers: “Jess has volunteered with our Befriending and Youth Group services for almost two years now. In her time with us, our children and young people have taught Jess how to play Hockey, Frisbee and how to master Tik Tok. Jess says she likes making a difference to people's lives and being involved in the local community. She appreciates how Families First provide a fun, supportive environment for the volunteers, as well as the children. We're with you Jess - the staff love it too!

Tamsin started volunteering for us early in 2017 and over the years she has befriended many of our children. Tamsin says that she's so glad to have volunteered for us throughout her time at university. She's enjoyed meeting people, feeling engaged with the wider community and making a positive difference to children's lives. We, at Families First, enjoyed getting to know you too Tamsin.

Rebekah has volunteered for us for over 2 years and gives her time to befriend four children, helps at PaCS, and supports the Youth Groups in Families First. She spent her last year on placement with us at FF and has just achieved an HNC and SVQ in Social Care. She's now set to go to Dundee University to do a degree in Community Education. GO GIRL, but don't forget to come back to us!"

Present & Future: "Kathryn, a St. Andrews University student, started volunteering with us over four years ago. Kathryn volunteers in our Befriending and Youth Group services, and is always one of the first to get involved with the many activities and outings we offer. Kathryn has also supported us to train new volunteers coming into the service, and has been great at giving new recruits the benefits of her experience. Kathryn says that volunteering for Families First has been a great distraction from the pressures of university life, and is always the happiest part of her day. Evvie, who can be seen here with Kathryn, has been with us since she was only 5. Maybe she'll be one of our future volunteers!”

Thank you to Jenna, Jess, Tamsin, Rebekah, Kathryn and all the other volunteers with Families First for your dedication and enthusiasm and a special thanks to Jan Ffsa, Befriending Coordinator, for sharing volunteers’ stories from Families First.