National Performance Framework

Tue 3 Mar 2020

The National Performance Framework (NPF) was launched in June 2018 and sets "out a vision for national wellbeing in Scotland and measures achievement in relation to this."

Befriending Networks actively uses the NPF to define its specific and broader impact. In addition, mapping organisational aims against the NPF helps funders understand how Befriending Networks contributes to Scotland achieving its wider vision. By engaging with the NPF, Befriending Networks also hopes to provide an example that will enable its members to more easily define how their own organisations are contributing to wellbeing in Scotland.

CEO Sarah Van Putten elaborated on the importance of using the NPF and the key ways Befriending Networks addresses aspects of the NPF (as shown on the graphic below) at the SCVO The Gathering. 

If your organisation hasn't yet considered how the work you do fits within Scotland's National Performance Framework, check out the case study Befriending Networks provided to Evaluation Support Scotland and if your organisation has found engaging with the NPF beneficial, let us know! Email: