Celebrating Volunteers' Week

Tue 1 Jun 2021

Volunteers' Week, 1-7 June, is a time to say thank you to volunteers for their time, effort and enthusiasm. It's also a time to celebrate the importance of volunteering to charities, communities and the volunteers themselves. Volunteer coordinator, Laura, from Mearns Kirk Helping Hands, shared with Befriending Networks what befriending has meant to befriender Charley:

We’d like to introduce you to Charley, she joined the Mearns Kirk Helping Hands team as a volunteer befriender in January 2021. Charley is currently in Europe on a placement for her university studies but that hasn’t stopped her volunteering! Each week she uses Facetime to speak to Anna, who is in East Renfrewshire. They have a laugh and share their updates.

Charley said of befriending: “Becoming a befriender has been such a rewarding experience! I was paired with a lovely lady called Anna, we call each week and often struggle to get off the phone! The programme is great as you are able to connect with someone who you wouldn’t normally meet in day to day life, but have so much in common with! Especially due to the current circumstances, everyone can feel a little lonely and I can say truthfully that it’s a part of my week that I look forward to and am always in high spirits after my call.”

Anna’s daughter has noticed a difference in her Mum too, saying “Mum really really enjoys chatting with Charley.  I FaceTime mum at about 5pm every day and she’s always the perkiest after she’s seen Charley! “

When Charley is back from her studies, the pair cannot wait to meet in person and go out for a coffee. We think it’s lovely how technology is helping to reduce feelings of isolation but also the match is bringing together two generations!

We hope it inspires you to consider volunteering your time as a befriender!"

If you'd like to learn more about Kirk Mearns Helping Hands, visit: https://mkhelpinghands.org.uk/

Befriending organisations are always looking for interested volunteers. Find a local organisation by searching the Befriending Networks Directory: https://www.befriending.co.uk/directory/