#BefriendingIs Communication with a phone call from Hospice Hope in Leicestershire

Mon 2 Nov 2020

The Hope House Befriending Service supports people living in the North West Leicestershire area whose quality of life or life expectancy will be affected by their condition. It also provides support to their carers and partners. As their day care and support cafes will be closed for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19, Hospice Hope obtained funding to start a brand new telephone befriending service to continue to provide much-needed support. Launched this summer, this new service matches volunteers from all areas, interests, ages and personalities with local people who are maybe feeling lonely, isolated or would simply like someone new to talk to. 

One volunteer, Lynda, recently said “Talking to my new lady is great! We found we had a lot in common straight away and conversation flowed easily. I’m looking forward to our talks each week and finding out more about her. It’s a very easy thing to do and so worthwhile.”  Another volunteer, Barbara, has responded to her befriendee’s situation by simply listening - “she listed all the problems that she has been facing over the last week or so I think you could say that it was useful as a 'safety valve' for her. I do think she did sound a little more cheerful at the end of the call.”

 Along with the telephone service Hospice Hope have a pen and email pal service, for those people who enjoy receiving a letter/ email or card on a regular basis. They provide the cards and stamps if required. Mrs B said “It was a nice surprise to hear a card pop through my door, reading it make me chuckle! and now I have the cards from you I can reply and ask my daughter to post it”.

More information can be found at www.hospicehope.org.uk