St Barnabas Community Companions - Anne

Tue 5 Nov 2019

Anne became a Community Companion for St Barnabas as she wanted to be able to give some of her time within the local community. She said “I find it so rewarding meeting such diverse people with their different physical and emotional needs, they are so appreciative of the time I spend with them, whether it’s befriending them in their home or taking them out somewhere, we have such a happy time, so much so that in the time I’m with them I feel they can relax and put their worries behind them temporarily.”

Anne has been visiting Grace every week for 9 months. She says “We have such a laugh, Grace likes to go out so we go for coffee or to do a little bit of shopping and when the weather is nice we sometimes go up to the river and walk along to the sea.” Grace has nicknamed Anne ‘Mrs Bubbly’ saying “she’s so good to be with and we always find something to laugh about!”