An Update from Befriending Networks

Mon 22 Feb 2021

2021 got off to a busy start for Befriending Networks. Since the end of last year, we have been delighted to support over 300 members and with the pandemic continuing, have been dealing with a high level of enquiries. With funding uncertainties, home-working challenges and heavy workloads being common for many befriending projects (as well as, in many ways, for the Befriending Networks Team), we understand the sense of immediacy and urgency that is in the air. We are dedicated, but small, team of seven, six of whom work part-time (hours totaling 4 full-time equivalents) and, in the desire to model good practice, would like to let our members know that we are doing or utmost to respond to phone calls and emails as soon as we are able, while also being committed to respecting the limitations and wellbeing of our team.

If you are looking to get in touch, here's a little guide to help you get your question to the right member of staff

Sarah Van Putten is the CEO. Contact Sarah with the 'big stuff' such as organisational or policy advice. She works Full-Time Mon-Fri mobile: 07955251807,

Victoria Galloway is the Learning & Development Officer. Contact Victoria for questions about training and events. Our online courses are very popular this year and many are already fully booked, so check the website regularly if you'd like to sign up to future events. As there have been a lot of requests for bespoke training, there will not be any further availability until April. Victoria works Part-Time Mon - Friday mobile:07834554212,

Diane Claridge is the Development Officer. Contact Diane if your organisation is based in England and you have questions about membership, events like the Masterclasses or need advice & support. She works Part-Time Tues-Thurs, mobile:07802287633,

Sandra Marsden is the Membership Support Officer for England. Sandra, like Diane, is here to help if your organisation is based in England and you have questions about membership, events like the Masterclasses or need advice & support. She works Mon&Wed, mobile: 07516115121,

Muriel Mowat is the Membership Officer. Contact Muriel if you have any questions about invoices and payments or if your organisation is based in Scotland and you have questions about membership or need advice & support. She works Part-Time Mon-Thurs, mobile: 07729107002,

Angus Maclean is the Quality Officer. Contact Angus if you're interested in the Quality in Befriending Award, are already in the process of completing the award and have a question, or your organisation supports children & young people and you need advice & support. He works Part-time Mon-Wed, mobile:07834554194,

Peggy Beardmore is the Administrator. Contact Peggy if you have exciting news you'll be sharing over social media, want a job vacancy advertised on our website or have technical issues with our website or the online training portal (moodle) used for training courses & the Quality and Befriending Award. She works Part-Time Mon-Fri, mobile: 07729107000,

We look forward to getting to know our new members better, supporting long-standing members in these changing times and connecting with you online through training, events, Q&A Sessions and social media.

-The Befriending Networks Team