100 Days until Befriending Week

Fri 24 Jul 2020

Today marks 100 days until Befriending Week 1-7 November 2020 and Befriending Networks would like to start by thanking its members for their dedication and adaptability during what has been a challenging year. It has been incredible to see how befriending services have continued to support their communities and, in many cases, expanded services to keep even more people connected. 

Lockdown measures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the detrimental effects of loneliness on health and wellbeing as well as the importance of connection, community and kindness, making Befriending Week even more significant. With the aim of raising awareness about loneliness and recognising the positive impact of befriending, this year's Befriending Week celebrates everything #BefriendingIs.

Take a moment now to reflect on what #BefriendingIs to you, to your organisation, to your befriendees, to your volunteers, to your community. Perhaps #BefriendingIs Connection, maybe #BefriendingIs Conversation or #BefriendingIs Life-Changing.

To help you start spreading the word online about all the things #BefriendingIs, we've created social media graphics that you can download here. We look forward to seeing what #BefriendingIs to you, so don't forget to tag @befriendingnet on Twitter and @befriendingnetworks on Facebook in your posts. As it becomes clearer what type of events will/won't be possible by November, further resources with ideas to celebrate Befriending Week will appear on our website.

The Befriending Networks Team looks forward to continuing to engage with our members and supporting you to support others in the coming months leading up to Befriending Week.