St Raphaels Hospice

If you or someone you know (living in the borough of Merton or Sutton) is:
- approaching the end of life due to frailty or illness, a carer for someone who is,
or is bereaved
- socially isolated
then our project can support you - by introducing you to a ‘Compassionate Neighbour’. Our Compassionate Neighbours are trained volunteers who can visit you in your home, meet you in the community or call you up on the phone for a friendly chat once a week, to listen and provide emotional support and to help you to connect with your community.

Information for volunteers

If you would like to become a ‘Compassionate Neighbour’ in your local community, by supporting a socially isolated person who is approaching the end of their life, their carer or a bereaved person then our hospice befriending project can introduce you to a community member in need and we can you support you along the way. Our Compassionate Neighbours are fully trained and visit their community members or phone then once a week for an hour or so. This volunteering role makes a huge difference to someone’s life at a time when they need it most and helps to create a more compassionate community.


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