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The Alzheimer's Society Companion Call service offers both people living with dementia and carers of people living with dementia the opportunity for informal telephone contact to help them feel more ‘connected’ and less lonely.

A Companion Call is a regular (usually weekly) telephone call made by a volunteer to someone affected by dementia to check in and have a friendly chat about anything the person they’re calling would like to talk about. It could be their favourite TV show, the weather or simply talking about how things are going.

Information for volunteers

If you enjoy chatting on the phone and listening to others, then we’d love to hear from you!
Our Companion Call Volunteers help to reduce the loneliness often experienced by people affected by dementia. Through their contact and conversations, people affected by dementia can feel less socially isolated and better connected.
You’ll telephone people living with dementia or their carers, on a regular basis (usually weekly), and chat with them about the things they are interested in and want to talk about. You’ll chat with the same people each time and provide brief feedback on your calls via an online form. You’ll not be providing advice or guidance in this role and you don’t need to have knowledge of dementia; it’s all about simply having an easy social conversation with someone.


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