Relationship Circle

Relationship Circle is a Community Interest Company (CIC) organisation with the aim of bringing women together to learn how to support each other during challenging times when they experience relationship problems/crisis with partners/spouses or family members at home.

This group will offer individuals a safe space to share feelings and experience with one another via attending a virtual cafe or online free confidential individual tearoom conversations with the Relationship Circle mentor for up to 30 minutes for a series of 6 sessions on a weekly basis. A mentoring agreement with the RC mentor will be signed prior to the first session.

Mentors who are recruited to become volunteers will be provided online training before they take on the role of the mentor. No accredited counselling qualification is required but life experience is crucial for this role.

Information for volunteers

Relationship Circle C.I.C.'s mission is to offer a helping hand to women in need of our service so they are able to rise above difficulties in relationship and to regain confidence in leading a happier and more fulfilling life.

Relationship Circle CIC recognise the value of involving volunteers and are committed to the promotion of volunteering and to involving volunteers in our work.

Relationship Circle CIC is run collectively, mostly by volunteers, and as such, volunteering as a principle is central to our mission. We recognise that volunteers make an essential contribution to our work, helping us to achieve our core aims and objectives. At the same time, we are committed to making volunteering with Relationship Circle CIC worthwhile and enjoyable, so that volunteers, as part of the family - being a member who volunteers feel valued and involved.

Our work as volunteers/members of Relationship Circle CIC is intended to complement and support the activities of paid staff.

Where possible and appropriate, Relationship Circle CIC will arrange or signpost training for active volunteers/members relevant to their work or activities within our organisation.


Relationship Circle
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