FISH Volunteer Centre

We offer a befriending service to people within the catchment area of the FISH Volunteer Centre (Sonning Common and surrounding villages).
Anyone who is feeling a bit lonely and would like one of our Home Visitors to go along and see them every week is invited to contact us. What our Home Visitors offer is friendship - they are not there to do jobs or shopping or DIY or personal care, they are there to provide more social contact. The Home Visiting Volunteer will go along for an hour or so a week to the client's home for a chat but this may develop and could develop into going out for short outings – perhaps a coffee out somewhere, a trip to a garden centre or going along to the monthly FISH Tea Parties.

Information for volunteers

A Volunteer Home Visitor could make an immensely positive impact on the lives individuals in the locality who are experiencing loneliness of by offering a reliable, trusting relationship.
A chat and a cup of tea for an hour or so a week – that is all it takes to make a difference. A Home Visitor provides social contact – not practical jobs, driving, shopping, DIY or personal care. In time, the Volunteer may choose to go on small outings outside of the client's home, perhaps a coffee out, a trip to a garden centre, going along to one of the monthly FISH Tea Parties.


FISH Volunteer Centre
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