Fresh Community Wellness

FRESH Community Wellness offers a free befriending service for people of all ages in the Aberdeen area. We use motivational interviewing (MI) techniques to help you make positive changes to your lifestyle.
MI doesn’t mean that we will tell you how you should (or shouldn’t) live your life. Nor does it mean that we will interrogate you, or judge you, about your private life. We won’t. Instead, MI offers you the opportunity to chat with us - confidentially - about any issues that you might want to discuss. You are in the driving seat. But by lending an ear and offering gentle encouragement, we hope to help you to meet the goals and make the changes that matter to you.
FRESH meets up regularly at outdoor locations throughout the city. As well as being Covid-safe, meeting outdoors gives everyone the space for some fresh air and light exercise. If you’re a sociable type, these gatherings are a great chance to meet some new people. Equally, if you’re more introverted, a spacious outdoor setting means that we have plenty of room to split up into smaller groups, for a quieter chat.
At the meet-ups, we usually go for a relaxed walk in the area, whether that be the beach, a park, or alongside one of Aberdeen’s beautiful rivers. This is a great environment for a confidential chat if you feel like it. But if not, we also tend to focus on a particular activity at each session, such as litter picking, or on a particular discussion topic, such as cooking on a budget. We also offer signposting towards the “safe choices” offered by local services. And, we should mention, we always make sure that everyone who comes gets a decent snack and something hot to drink.
Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of us work in retail, others in hospitality; we include musicians, martial arts instructors, engineers, language teachers, and social workers. This means that, whatever kind of person you are, and whatever interests you, you are bound to meet someone who clicks with you.
All of our volunteers are trained in the use of naloxone and basic emergency response. Some of our volunteers have had first-hand experience of alcohol or drug dependencies, as well as personal journeys of treatment and recovery. But regardless of our individual background, and regardless of yours, all of us will treat you without judgement, and with empathy, kindness, and respect.

Information for volunteers

FRESH Community Wellness is a small but expanding local group. Many of our volunteers also volunteer for other services & groups. If you have a couple of hours free to spare each week and are enthusiastic about the idea of motivating others to make “safe choices” in their lifestyles, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch via the contact details below.


Fresh Community Wellness
27 Old Gloucester Street