Our befriending service is there for people who are experiencing feelings of loneliness & Isolation.
Our befrienders seek to get to know you by spending quality time chatting over a cup of tea or coffee or/and taking part in activities that may help you to build confidence, resilience, and connectedness to the community around you.

Information for volunteers

This year, in response to the crippling effects of loneliness and isolation on people's physical, emotional, and mental health, that the pandemic has only exacerbated, our befriending service is re-establishing to meet this need.
Our aim is for our expertly trained and compassionate volunteers to not only provide a lifeline to people, in the form of friendship but also in a helping hand, building befriendee resilience and community connectedness, resulting in bringing joy and passion back into people’s lives.


The Hub Conference Centre
18 Palmerston Road
Union Square South
Aberdeen City
AB11 5QN

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