Southend Churches Community Support

Southend Churches Community Support (SCCS) works in partnership with Southend Borough Council. Any referrals will have to be made to Rough Sleeper Coordinators within the Housing and Social Inclusion Department.

Information for volunteers

Volunteers will support previously homeless people recently housed. The Befriender’s main aim is to help the Client sustain their tenancy by:-
o Supporting and building their confidence by developing vital independent living skills (e.g., budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.).
o Assisting them to attend appointments with e.g., their GP, the hospital, Drug and Alcohol Services, and Mental Health Services, and to engage with the Council, the Job Centre Plus, DWP, etc.
o Encouraging them to become more socially included by:-
 helping them to integrate and become part of the general community;
 linking them into meaningful local activities based on their interests (e.g., leisure centres, libraries, college courses, social groups, recreational activities, and community events); and
 assisting them to take up voluntary work and/or paid employment.


Southend Churches Community Support
Southend Christian Fellowship
600 Southchurch Road


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