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Our organisation offers two types of befriending service. Each service has been developed and designed to best support you and you can state your preference, subject to availability and government legislation.

Telephone befriending

Telephone befriending is available to anyone looking for a way to reconnect with the outside world because we know having a chat really can make a world of difference. At present we know lockdown can be hard and can leave you with feelings of loneliness or isolation. Once, you have registered your interest in the service we will give you a quick call to discuss your interests so that we can make the best match possible for you. Which will allow us to find the right person to match you with. When we find a match we will call you to confirm you are happy to proceed and set up calls with your befriender. Your befriender is there to lend a friendly ear and will be able to refer you to additional partner support services if required.

Bubble befriending

As with telephone befriending, this service is available for those who have no local support system, which will allow us to match you to someone local to you who can 'bubble' with you to offer a couple of hours of support in your home each week. All our volunteers have been checked and trained to ensure you have a safe and covid safe visit. Again, once you have registered your interest we will call for a quick chat so that we can pair you with a suitable befriender. Once we have paired you with your bubble befriender we will arrange an introductory call, following which you will meet with your bubble befriender in your home. Your bubble befriender will visit you at home for 2 hours a week for an initial 8-week period. If the government restrictions do not allow for your bubble to go ahead then contact will be maintained over the phone. Your befriender will be available to provide you with the company, support and can refer you to any further services required.

Information for volunteers

We are looking to establish a group of volunteers to undertake either telephone or home visits to our clients.
The clients are of all ages yet, predominately over the age of 60 and are those in the community who are
still shielding or isolated. Some clients will have a hearing impairment or other health concerns, and some may have mild dementia. Where dementia is present further training will be given.
A home visitor will be allocated to one client and be expected to deliver support over a two hour period once per week. Whereas our telephone befrienders will be provided with one or two people to call regularly at times and days to be decided between the pairing. All resources, training and checks are provided and there is a wellbeing programme of activities and events available to our volunteer community.


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