Renfrewshire Carers Centre

Renfrewshire Carers Centre is a one stop shop for unpaid Carers living in Renfrewshire. One of the services we provide is befriending through volunteers. This can either be for the Carer or the person they are caring for to enable the Carer to get a break from their caring role. We offer this service to any Carers no matter the illness, condition or disability of who they are looking after. During these exceptional times during Covid we will offer telephone befriending to Carers offer support and reduce lonliness and isolation

Information for volunteers

Unpaid Carers are the backbone of our social care and our community care system would collapse without this group of unsung heroes many of whom are caring 24/7 without a break from their caring role
Volunteers can offer Carers the opportunity to get a break from their caring role, This means that volunteers could be matched up with someone with any condition from a child with a disability, to someone with a mental health condition progressive illness or dementia. An opportunity to be part of the Carers Centre community, get training and support , take part in volunteer meetings, get experience in the care sector and most importantly having fun while making a difference


Renfrewshire Carers Centre
Renfrewshire Carers Centre
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