Carers Support West Sussex

Carers Support West Sussex supports unpaid family carers who are providing care and support to a friend or family member. Whilst caring can be hugely rewarding, it can also be challenging and can lead to carers feeling isolated. We have developed a Check in & Chat service that will provide carers with the opportunity to be matched with with volunteer befrienders who will provide regular telephone calls providing a listening ear and a friendly chat with someone that understands the issues that carers face.

Information for volunteers

Carers Support West Sussex welcomes volunteers with a range of skills and experience to support our services in many ways. Carers are at risk of becoming socially isolated due to the constraints of their caring role and we know that for some carers the opportunity to speak to someone that understands their situation is hugely valuable. We will match volunteers with carers in need of someone to talk to through our Check in & Chat service, asking the CI&C volunteers to commit to offering regular times each week/month when they are available to telephone allocated carers.


Carers Support West Sussex
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