British Lung Foundation

Over 12 million people are living with lung conditions across the UK, more than heart disease and cancer combined. And that number is rising - 10,000 people are diagnosed with a lung condition each week. But these aren’t just numbers.
The British Lung Foundation is dedicated to supporting anyone affected by any lung condition in the UK. We provide this support in three ways:
1. Hope – While the number of people dying from heart disease and many non-respiratory cancers is falling, the number of people dying annually from lung disease has not changed for 10 years. We fund ground-breaking research to help understand, prevent and treat lung disease. 
2. Help – We provide vital support to people living with lung conditions, their carers and loved ones through our helpline, our network of Support Groups and self-management events – all focused on helping people live better.
3. Voice – We campaign tirelessly for cleaner air and better services for people living with lung disease, giving them a voice and lobbying government for better specialist respiratory care.  

Information for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to offer a telephone Listening Ear service to those living with a long term lung condition.


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British Lung Foundation
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