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Community Companions is a project to tackle social isolation, loneliness and depression in the over-55s.
Community Companions are volunteers who will visit/ call you, spend quality time with you and help you find any local/ virtual activities or extra support you may need.
It currently runs in Central Bradford and Baildon.
Being housebound and other factors such as poor mobility, hearing and vision problems can lead to loneliness and depression, which reduces quality of life.
Social isolation can lead to people losing interest or pleasure in doing things; feelings of guilt or low self-worth; disturbed sleep or appetite; low energy and poor concentration.
Mind in Bradford is running the project in partnership with the Bradford Districts CCG and Muslim Health Service.

Information for volunteers

Community Companions are our volunteers who will make regular phone calls and/ or visits to an individual aged 55+ who is lonely and/ or socially isolated. You will spend quality time with them over the phone or face-to-face, offering one-to-one support and helping them to access local services.

It currently runs in Central Bradford and Baildon.
If you can spare an hour a week to provide one-to-one calls and/ or visits, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Volunteers will receive full training, a DBS check and support from Mind in Bradford throughout and can claim their travel expenses.


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