Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau

North Lanarkshire Tribunal Unit has been running at least in some capacity for the past 14 years, providing a voice to vulnerable members of our communities to legally challenge unfair decisions and policies under all aspects of welfare benefits, holding decision makers accountable. In 2018 funding was confirmed to continue the Tribunal Unit with the added element of reducing isolation for vulnerable clients. Our initial project design proved to be more challenging with regards to our outcome of reducing social isolation; clients were disengaging once their appeal process had come to an ultimate conclusion. As part of the evaluation process of the project, we identified a gap providing emotional & practical support to our clients.
The Tribunal unit has a central role in supporting working age clients who are affected by illness/disability. Ultimately the service is ideally placed to help tackle social isolation, working with partners to support clients on their journey.
Research has shown that there is no befriending network across the North Lanarkshire localities, focusing only on vulnerable working age people. Airdrie CAB is ideally placed to identify clients who are suffering from isolation and loneliness due to disability and/or poor mental health. Our holistic approach, places our team at the forefront to listen to stories, build trust and rapport with the client and refer to an internal team member to match with a befriender who can accompany clients to events in the community, a trusted companion to accompany to medical assessments or just a person to talk to.

Information for volunteers

Our Volunteers are at the core of our organisation providing significant time and expertise, which in return delivers wide reaching impacts for people, communities and the economy. Our Volunteers are highly skilled and undergo an intensive training programme when they join us followed by ongoing training and development throughout. Many Volunteers when they move on, do so into meaningful employment, another example of the positive legacy which Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau delivers in the community.
Our volunteer opportunities include, Befriending, Administration, Adviser and Office support. It allows for the development of new skills and increase confidence to those looking to volunteer in their community within a supportive network.


Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau
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