Turning Tides

Turning Tides’ mission is to end local homelessness. We recognise that homelessness is a community issue and needs the whole community to work together to address it.
The mentoring and befriending team aims to promote community inclusion therefore reducing social isolation and institutionalisation within our client group.
The team will provide community engagement as well as providing our clients with time to talk and support to access local community groups. It is hoped that by offering this ongoing support and by reducing loneliness, clients will be able to sustain independent living and feel part of their local community.
We will offer a tailored programme to meet the needs of each individual.
What a befriender can offer
• companionship and support in help with linking into local activities, e.g. leisure and sports centres, libraries, colleges and community events
• company and support in attending doctor or hospital appointments
• help in dealing with the local housing or social services department
• support in developing independent living skills, e.g. cooking, gardening, and managing a household budget
• help in setting personal goals or objectives and working towards them.

Information for volunteers

From our inception, volunteers have played an integral role in across our services. Mentoring and befriending is part of Turning Tides’ community solution to homelessness. As members of the community volunteers are key to building links and widening our clients’ community connections.
Mentoring and befriending directly involves local people supporting our clients back into the community. The service will promote social inclusion and therefore will help to reduce social isolation and institutionalisation.
Every mentoring or befriending relationship will have a person centred approach, individually focused to the needs of the client (friend or mentee). The relationships will be helpful, meaningful and supportive. The mentoring and befriending journey will introduce new people to our clients’ lives.
Turning Tides’ Definitions -
Befriending -
An informal voluntary relationship that is friendly and non-judgemental. Through listening and human contact, befriending will build community connections.
Befriender –
An individual offering another companionship through a listening ear, a non-judgemental attitude and kindness.


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