The Leanne Fund

The Leanne Fund wants to significantly improve the lives of Cystic Fibrosis sufferers and their families by helping those affected by the illness to live a full and rewarding life within their communities. This will be achieved by providing individuals and families with social, practical, emotional and financial assistance when they need it and enabling families to enjoy special times together - creating happy memories.

Information for volunteers

Our new Befriending service offers vital emotional support to individuals affected by Cystic Fibrosis who live in the North of Scotland, helping them to gain confidence, increase self-esteem and get out and about in their community.
Our service matches each applicant (Befriendee) with a volunteer Befriender who will visit or meet up weekly for at least 6 months to provide some company and, in some cases, assistance with accessing particular interest groups or sources of support.
All of the Befriendees are assessed by our Befriending Co-ordinator who will take care to match them with a Volunteer Befriender who has similar interests and will be able to provide the required support.
Befriending is flexible to suit the needs of the Volunteer Befriender and the Befriendee and can be carried out from Monday to Friday during daytimes and evenings. A meeting might include just having a coffee and a chat, going shopping or going to watch a film. It just depends on what the individual would like to do.
Telephone Befriending
We realise that from time to time, individuals with CF may want to talk to others affected by the illness. Our telephone befriending service will bring together people who are affected by CF and will offer ongoing support from a trained Befriender to those who are experiencing challenges due to illness.


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The Leanne Fund
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