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Positive Transitions: Support for children, young people and families
This service offers one-to-one and group support for children, young people and families that focuses on enhancing transitions, developing stronger relationships at schools, and increasing self-esteem and confidence. Within this our accredited Befriending project provides young people with a befriender. Befriending takes place during or after school, providing young people with a safe environment and positive role model. Sessions involve activities based on the interests of the young person and befriender such as arts, crafts, science experiments, cooking, games or simply talking.

Our dedicated Befriending Coordinators work closely with schools, families and other organisations throughout all phases of the project, and thanks to the dedication of our team, we have been awarded the Quality in Befriending Award for our excellence in this work.

Reconnect: Support for adults and families
Reconnect is a service offering support to adults and families in Edinburgh and East Lothian to help them to improve wellbeing by increasing digital and social inclusion.

We believe that digital inclusion and social inclusion are inextricably linked, and together can contribute to enhanced wellbeing. Our projects provide a supportive environment to reduce social isolation through building digital skills and maintaining connections. Through this we can also help people to stay connected, improve financial health, increase employability, access resources and more.

We address wellbeing through digital in a three stage approach: getting the device, getting the support and getting connectivity. We provide free devices and connectivity to the community through our Computer Delivery project, wellbeing and digital support through our Wellbeing & Digital project, and a national digital skills helpline through our operation of the Connecting Scotland helpline.

The support we provide can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc, usually between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. This can be online, face to face or blended.

We can help with learning to use a digital device, connecting to the internet, navigating the web, connecting with the community, family and friends, learning skills to manage finances, reducing costs (energy providers, data plans, shopping, etc.), finding opportunities for education and employment and feeling less isolated and having someone to talk to.

Information for volunteers

Please get in touch to arrange a no obligation phone call where we can talk you through the volunteering opportunity.


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