Edinburgh Garden Partners

We are a community organisation active across Edinburgh.

We aim to strengthen communities by creating relationships between people who want a space to grow and those who have garden space to share.

We connect people of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds to build a shared gardening movement through the exchange of skills, knowledge, and life experience.

How does it work?
We match our garden owners to volunteers according to where they live and their overall compatibility. We guide and support both to establish a mutually beneficial partnership by making a written agreement, which sets healthy boundaries and shared expectations for what can be achieved.

What are the benefits?
Sharing your garden with a volunteer will enable you to:
- develop a rewarding relationship with your garden partner
- make a positive contribution to your community
- boost your health and well being through greater enjoyment of your garden
- share your interest in growing and gardening with a dynamic community of garden partners across Edinburgh.
- enjoy freshly grown produce with your garden partner

Is my garden suitable?
It’s important to have easy access to the garden, sufficient sunlight, some space to grow fruit and vegetables, and access to water; but a willingness to share the space and work positively with your volunteer is the most important.

Information for volunteers

Is Edinburgh Garden Partners right for me?
Edinburgh Garden Partners is a project for people who would like to access a space to grow produce but who would also like to connect with their communities and make unique and long lasting relationships.

How does it work?
Volunteers and garden owners are individually assessed and matched according to their location and shared interests. We guide and support both to make a written agreement outlining their shared expectations for what they would like to achieve and to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

What is the time commitment?
We encourage volunteers to commit for a minimum of one full growing season. There is no set weekly time commitment. The hours are flexible and agreed with your garden partner to allow for changes in the seasons and of course, the weather. The most important thing is to communicate well with your garden partner about your availability and to be realistic about what you can achieve in the garden.

Do I have to be an experienced gardener?
Gardening experience helps, but energy, commitment and a willingness to work positively with your garden partner are the most important. We encourage our volunteers to garden organically and support access to a range of information and training through our community partners.

Do I need previous experience of supporting an older person?
Volunteers are not required to have previous experience of supporting an older person. However, this role is best suited to individuals who:
- demonstrate good listening and communication skills.
- are patient and considerate.
- have a non judgemental and respectful approach.
- understand the importance of maintaining boundaries and confidentiality.
- are organised, responsible, and show initiative.


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