Befriending Caithness

Befriending Caithness is a befriending service which offers older isolated adults in Caithness a chance to meet a friendly face on a weekly basis. Referrals to the service can be made from health professionals, social workers, voluntary organisations, families and also self referrals. Once matched our volunteers visit in the persons home on a weekly basis and can go on shopping trips with them or accompany them to appointments depending on the individual needs of that person.
Since COVID 19 we also provide a telephone service.

Information for volunteers

We offer three elements of befriending in order to reduce lonliness and isolation within Caithness. We have two co-ordinators who will support the volunteers through training, visiting, reviews, and regular volunteer meetings to meet the other volunteers and keep up to date with what we are all up to.
One to one matches for the over the 40s and upwards age group. Visiting people in their homes, taking them for walks, reading, run in the car, cup of coffee and lots of chat.
Visiting our local carehomes and hospitals. This is currently serviced by our Intergenerational Students from both Wick and Thurso High School aswell as regular befriending Volunteers
Group Activities volunteers always needed for delivering the group activities. We currently have five group activities in different areas of Caithness.
Volunteer Bus befrienders - these are volunteers who will accompany the befriendees to the group activities on our hired bus.
Due to COVID 19 we have moved forward to deliver telephone befriending.


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