Review of the Year: 2020-2021

"As a Coordinator I would have been lost with the vital support Befriending Networks have given especially during the pandemic."
"I appreciated how quickly Befriending Networks rallied round to create useful resources and provide advice. Befriending co-ordinators are often working on their own in organisations and it was so reassuring to know there was support available and that there was a community to contact through the Q&A sessions."
"I have just been a member for a few months now but even (in that time) the amount of resources and training that is provided is so helpful"


The surveys and numbers are in and we'd like to celebrate all that our members have achieved this year. Thanks to everyone who completed the 2020-2021 Annual Members' Survey: Click here to download your copy today

A Year in Numbers: Through the new process of membership/membership renewal via our website, we are able to gather statistics about numbers of befriending hours our membership provides, how many volunteers they engage with, how many befriendees they support and the monetary value that equates to. We think you'll agree that the collective impact of befriending is incredible! Click here to download the 2020-2021 statistics.