Review of the Year: 2022-2023

"Keep making a difference! Fantastic organisation and support network. I’ve been telling a number of organisations/groups about you."
"Amazing support available from the Befriending Networks, can't recommend highly enough if you are a small charity."
"Befriending Networks has been an incredible source of support and information. The Membership Officer is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of situations and able to communicate a huge amount of information in a accessible and palatable manner. She is also very supportive, empathic and easy to talk to about all manner of challenges. The information is grounded with a deep understanding of managing people, projects and services which makes it easy to  guide you through the in and outs of running a good quality and professional befriending service. Befriending Networks also offers a wide range of high quality information, training and materials as well as access and connection to the experiences of other befriending services across the UK, enabling you to learn from others."
"As a Coordinator I would have been lost with the vital support Befriending Networks have given, especially during the pandemic."
"I have just been a member for a few months now but even (in that time) the amount of resources and training that is provided is so helpful"

Premiered during this year's Annual General Meeting, our Year in Review Video demonstrates the achievements, challenges and changes that Befriending Networks has encountered between 1st April 2022 and March 2023. This provides a picture of how Befriending Networks is supporting both our members and the befriending sector as a whole. For a readable PDF version of this video, please click here.

Our 2023 Befriending Statistics Report is also available for download, providing an overview of trends, growth and challenges within the sector. The report is based on data gathered from our members and includes statistics such as the number of befriending hours our membership provides, how many volunteers they engage with, how many befriendees they support, and the monetary value that their service equates to. We'd like to thank everyone who provided data during our annual membership survey for contributing towards this report.