Membership Agreement

"You may be miles away in Scotland, but you have brought the south of England together as well as the highlands. You bring north and south together as well as everything in between helping the groups to bring people together."                                   – Be Free Young Carers

As a membership organisation the relationship between Befriending Networks and our members is outlined in the following agreement.


 Befriending Networks will:

  • Distribute relevant information to all members
  • Allocate all contracts for services in accordance with agreed Befriending Networks policy
  • Provide access to financial information
  • Preserve confidentiality of market sensitive information
  • Consult members on strategic direction
  • Ensure a proportion of directors are representative of the organisations which we serve
  • Ensure directors are understanding of, and competent in, their governance role

Members of the Befriending Networks will:

  • Promote the concept of befriending
  • Inform and actively support the strategic and operational direction of the network
  • Identify and bring to the network examples of Best Practice
  • Contribute to the sharing of information
  • Adhere to the requirements of individual contracts
  • Protect the integrity of individual relationships