Annual Members' Survey

Thanks to all who completed the 2018-2019 Membership Survey! The results are currently being compiled and analysed, but here's a preview as to what our members have said.

"Being a member of Befriending Networks is invaluable especially as lots of Befriending Projects have only one or two members of staff. It is so reassuring to know I can get advice and information either online or by phone almost immediately. I recently achieved the accreditation which helps keep you on track and of course helps with funding applications. Very helpful friendly staff keep up the good work!" - Redbridge Befriending

"I think information and support is an area where Befriending Networks excels - great information in relation to best practice."     - ALONE

"The Befriending Networks' newsletter is informative, topical and always worth reading. Publicity around Befriending Week is always excellent and attention grabbing." - VASL

"The team finds Common Ground Meetings really useful. They are not only great for networking. but also to keep up to date with some of the work other charities and companies are doing! The Befriending Networks team is knowledgeable and helpful, always happy to help and support us. Please continue like this!" - Independent Age


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